The Oral Health Show #018

The Success Rate Of Dental Implants

The Oral Health Show #018

Are you going to have dental implant surgery? Are you concerned about the success rate for dental implants? The success of dental implant surgery can offer you a variety of benefits. These include improved function and better self-confidence. Yet you may be worried about the surgery failing.

Dental implant surgery does have a high success rate and there are things you can do to support its success.

If you’re interested in improving your oral health and learning more about replacing missing teeth then you’ll want to invest 20 minutes to listen to this edition of The Oral Health Show. In this episode, your host Nick Jaworski interviews Dr. Norm Ickert, Director of Ickert Dental Implant Centre. In this edition they talk about the overall success rate of dental implants.

This is a must listen to podcast if you are going to have dental implant surgery as it can support your recovery afterwards.

A General Overview

Dr. Norm Ickert begins the podcast by stating that dental implants have a 95% survival rate. This is a high achievement, but Dr. Ickert warns that while an implant may remain in the mouth, it may not be 100% successful.

The chances of success can be improved if the practitioner conducts a proper diagnosis, identifies the proper treatment and implants, and if the patient is compliant with all instructions given to them.

Even then, dentists cannot predict the results 100% of the time. There are still extremely rare occasions when a foreign body reaction occurs and the implant is rejected. Yet with the will and the right resources, almost any situation can be improved upon.

An Exciting Time For Dentists

Implants can really improve patient lives whether it is because of trauma or missing teeth due to a genetic issue. The fact modern techniques can regenerate bone and tissue makes this an exciting time to be in the oral health field.

Yet successful implantation does require patient support. Patients cooperating with instructions can really aid their recovery. Many patients don’t like to miss work or a family function. Yet after surgery it is important that the body is given time and rest to heal.

The body’s healing process always starts with a blood clot. Any disturbance of that blood clot can set back the healing process.

During the podcast, Dr. Ickert will answer the following:

  • What can disturb the blood clot and set back the healing process?
  • How long should you be resting after complicated dental implant surgery?
  • What further instructions will you likely be given to help the healing process?
  • What happens if the implant fails and what is the success rate on the second attempt?
  • Why is maintenance of the implant important?

Dr. Ickert also speaks of how a death in the family or extra stress at work can hinder the success rate of a dental implant.

What Is The Success Rate For Dental Implants?

Are you looking to find out how you can have successful dental implant surgery? Do you want more information on what happens if an implant does fail? Then spend 20 minutes and listen to Dr. Norm Ickert in this podcast. Afterwards come back and let us know your thoughts, we love to hear your feedback.

The Ickert Dental Implant Centre is limited to implant-related dentistry, practicing comprehensive, aesthetic, and functional rehabilitative services that are both surgical and prosthetic in nature. Dr. Ickert is presently completing his Master’s Program in Oral Medicine and Implantology.

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