The Oral Health Show #020

Replacement of All Teeth – Overdenture

The Oral Health Show #020

Are you looking to re-establish your chewing function with a dental implant? Do you think overdentures could be your solution for replacing missing teeth? An overdenture connected to a dental implant is one way to replace missing arches that look just as good as natural teeth.

If you’re interested in improving your oral health and learning more about replacing missing teeth then you’ll want to invest 20 minutes to listen to this edition of the Healthy Smiles Oral Health Show. In this episode, your host Nick Jaworski interviews Dr. Norm Ickert, Director of Ickert Dental Implant Centre. In this edition, they talk about replacing all the missing teeth of a patient with an overdenture.

What Is An Implant Overdenture?

Dr Ickert begins this episode by explaining what the difference is between a fixed bridge and an overdenture. A fixed bridge is a solution where you cannot remove the replacement teeth as they are fixed onto your dental implants. In contrast, an overdenture can be removed for maintenance or if you don’t feel comfortable with them in your mouth at night.

It is wrong to assume that, just because overdentures are not fixed in place, they are the worse option. Both the overdentures and fixed are very ridge and offer excellent stability and good function. Also, it is very difficult to tell the difference between the two options as both look very natural.

There are several reasons why you might have an overdenture. The most common reason is because of preference. However, another reason could be because you have spent a long time with teeth missing.

A significant amount of time without teeth causes shrinkage of the bone and gum. Generally the movement, as Dr Ickert explains, is upwards and inwards. This would cause you to lose lip support and a fixed bridge implant would create an odd look because of the movement.

Therefore, if you’ve been missing teeth for a long time, an overdenture is the best option.

What Procedures Are Required?

As with any dental process, the start of the process is for a proper examination, diagnosis and planning to be carried out. Then the dental practitioner needs to position the upper front teeth in the correct position.

Once this is in place, the rest of the arch can be completed, moving backwards through the mouth.

It is key to get the implant distribution right. There is little point in positioning six implants at the front and none at the back as this would not support any stress placed on the teeth.

During the podcast, Dr. Ickert also answers these other questions:

  • What is the biggest advantage of an overdenture on a bar?
  • How many implants are required for this approach?
  • Why does the upper arch require more implants than the lower arch?
  • How do dentists position the upper front teeth?
  • Who would benefit the most from overdenture implants?
  • Do You Need Dental Implants?

Are you considering have an overdenture to replace missing teeth? Are you concerned about the process and procedures? Then invest 20 minutes of your time to list to Dr. Ickert in this podcast. Afterwards come back and let us know your thoughts.

The Ickert Dental Implant Centre is limited to implant-related dentistry, practicing comprehensive, aesthetic, and functional rehabilitative services that are both surgical and prosthetic in nature. Dr. Ickert is presently completing his Master’s Program in Oral Medicine and Implantology.

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