The Oral Health Show

The Oral Health Show Episode #017

What Can I Expect to Happen During the Preliminary Examination Process?

Are you considering that you might need dental implants? Are you going for tests to see if you are right for dental implants? Either way you will want to know what the process is for a preliminary oral examination. A good examination process helps your dentist to identify the right treatment for you.

The Oral Health Show Episode #016

Introduction to Dental Implants – Patient Care (Part 2)

Have you lost teeth because of an accident, illness, decay or genetic reasons? Are you considering replacing those teeth with dental implants? Dental implants can give a patient back the full use of their dentals and improve their confidence, though it is important to note that not everyone can benefit from dental implants.

The Oral Health Show Episode #015

Introduction to Dental Implants – Patient Care (Part 1)

Are you currently missing one of your teeth? Are you considering dental implants and want to know more? Dental implants are a way of restoring your confidence should you be unfortunate to lose a tooth. Yet you’ll most likely want to know more information about what a dental implant is and how it works.

The Oral Health Show Episode #014

Missing Teeth Can be Replaced in a Variety of Ways

Do you have missing teeth? Are you looking for solutions to improve your appearance following the loss of a tooth? A missing tooth can have serious consequences for the individual but tooth replacement has been a staple of the dentistry field for generations and today there are many options available for patients.

The Oral Health Show Episode #013

What Causes Tooth Loss?

Are you worried about the loss of teeth? Do you think there is the possibility of one or more of your teeth being lost? There are several reasons why someone is at risk of tooth loss and the problem can affect anyone at any age.

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